Why I’m never registering for a race again

Yeah yeah, I’m being melodramatic-just allow me this one day, and I’ll slightly amend that to “registering early”.

I haven’t talked about it on here because frankly-I was super bummed. In December I DNS’d Shiner Half and New Years Double (double halfs) due to a medical issue. It sucked.

Shiner Half, too sick to run…or drink beer :(

It took almost a month and 8 pills a day to get my gut straightened out. Feeling better, I registered myself and Charles for Austin half marathon. The week before the race Dash came down with a stomach bug from hell, culminating in a trip to the ER for IV fluids.

It looked like he may be sick through race weekend (meaning I wouldn’t be able to leave a sick kiddo with my family), but things cleared up and by Saturday he was good to go. I worked the Austin Expo and got caught up in pre-race day excitement.

Only to start feeling pukey towards the end of the expo:

I caught Dash’s tummy bug and missed Austin Half marathon. Gotta say, I was pretty bummed, I LOVE that race but it was made slightly better by the fact I had another half marathon on the schedule just a week later-Disney Princess Half Marathon. I’m not a princess gal, and I’ve never done a Disney race but I was excited to get the full experience and FINALLY get to run a race.

And then Tuesday this happened:


*Someone* was ummm…texting and walking and uhhh…walked in to a door. I broke the bone where my toe meets my foot. The bone broke all the way through, it’s a pretty impressive texting injury. Unfortunately my doc tells me it will be 4-6 weeks until I’m allowed to try to run on it again.

Of course I’m dumb and asked what would happen if I tried to run on it on Sunday for the half and he let me know that a pin in the bone would be in my future if I pushed it so….I’ll be spectating Disney Princess (and attending this super fun champagne filled event).

I had a post planned where I wanted to tell you all about how I’m FINALLY training ( like for real, not just running but TRAINING) for Nike Women’s DC in April. Instead, I’m writing a post talking about how uhhh…I can’t train. No clue if I’ll get to run Nike Women’s DC, time will tell.


New Years Double Eve-DNS

New Years Double Day-DNS


Disney Princess-DNS

Nike Women’s DC- *fingers crossed*

For now, I’m swearing off registering for races until I can improve my running karma. Do you have any I can borrow?





  1. Now this is a string of bad luck, I had one like this years ago race after race DNS, DNF, etc and it never happened again — so think of it as you are addressing all your running obstacles at once! But seriously sorry about that though, sucks.

  2. Tricia I’ve been following your trials and tribulations on FB. Hang in there! Things are going to get better. In 2011 I lost my 17-year old cat, my 70-year old dad, my job, and then I had a huge issue with a disc in my neck and had to have surgery. But, in 2012 I got a better job, a fiancee, a new kitten, and a whole new life.

  3. Oh man!!! What a rough line up! Praying you will be good and healthy for that DC race!!! Hang in there and keep that chin up! You’re still awesome!

  4. You poor girl! I am so sorry. My fear with registering for races is early is getting injured or sick. I’ve never gambled much and that’s too much like gambling to me. LOL
    Hang in there and have fun at your champagne party!!

  5. No advice from me! You sound like my twin–except, I wasn’t texting, I was running the half. Pulled up abruptly at mile 12, limped in the rest of the way. Tibia stress fracture in the big part of the bone; therefore, a longer recovery. I’m going to be looking for those champagne events at ZOOMA, Austin 10/20, Cap 10K, and the Nashville Marathon–all of which I signed up for early. My to-do list has become my can’t do list. Very irritating!

    • Yeah-that texting thing was kind of embarrassing to admit.

      And SOOO sorry to hear about that Laura :( wishing you a speedy recovery

  6. Your running Karma WILL return. You have given so much to running and running will give back to you. The problem with not registering early is that some of the best races sell out early.

    I hope you have a speedy recovery! I am so sorry about your toe. :-(

  7. Oh my gosh Tricia that is quite a roll you’ve been on. Here’s hoping your toe is the last of it!!

    Wishing you a speedy recovery and making it to the Nike Women’s Half!

  8. I totally feel your pain. I signed up early for the Flying Pig 3 way (5k, 10k, half) for the beginning of May, then I went and broke my ankle. Grrr.

  9. :( I’m sorry to hear that. Maybe you’re destined just to jump into races at the last minute – no pressure! :)

    (I registered for the whole TX Tri series already and I NEVER do that. I’m making sure to do lots of cheering and volunteering this year to keep my athlete karma at a high level)

  10. OMG, you really need some good karma! So sorry about this injury and I really hope you feel better much faster than the doc said. Hang in there!!

  11. Wow! I don’t blame you, in my book you can be as dramatic as you want in this case! :-) That’s quite a string of bad luck for you guys!! Hope you get to run your next race!

  12. That stinks! I hope you heal up soon

  13. I wondered where you were on Sunday! What an unfortunate string of crap to happen to you – poor thing. Fingers crossed it’s all rainbows and unicorns from here out…you’ve certainly had enough bad for the year.

    The one thing that’s frustrating about registering for big races is you have to do it early before they sell out, and then you just hope you can actually make it to the starting line in one piece MONTHS down the road. I lost several entry fees when I hurt my ankle – quite frustrating to feel like you’ve thrown money away like that.

    All that said, I sure hope you do end up running the BCS Half (which will sell out) – you would love this race! :)

  14. I’m so sorry to hear this! Though, at least it’s a good story, so that’s something, I suppose. Maybe you should plan to just bandit all future races. Might not be the most ethical way to go, but you might avoid the bad luck you’ve been having lately.

  15. Boy, do I feel you. Sure has been quite the string these past 12+ months for both of us :) Your bone will heal and you’ll be back in the mix :) I’m agreeing on not signing up early EVER AGAIN!!!!! I was registered for 6 races from December through May. Didn’t/won’t run any of them. Keeping our chins up…that’s us :)

  16. That really, really stinks! SURELY your next race will be super-duper-fantastic.

  17. Mara @Big Happy Family says:

    Quite a string of bad timing. I was so bummed to not get into the Nike half. Maybe it’s saving me from DNS drama

  18. Suckola. I don’t have much more to add except hurry up and get well!

  19. So sorry! I saw you guys in at the Shiner Beer Run but didn’t realize it was an off race for you. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way!

  20. I feel your pain. Have 2 half marathon DNSes, one of them the Disneyland Half Marathon. Sadly, as someone on the injured list for a year and a half, I haven’t got too much good karma to spare. Continue to take care of yourself!

  21. Oh no…I’m so sorry and hope you heal quickly.

  22. Things will improve..at least everyone is ok. :)

  23. Oh dear! That does sound like a record for texting injuries. I hope you get to run Nike!

  24. Hey Tricia-

    So sorry to hear about that…yikes!

    I actually just got into running (I’m on week 4 of the C25K plan) and have been suffering from some ankle pain (I wrote about it a bit more in my last post); I would love some of your thoughts and advice as I know you’ve had some history with running injuries.

    Thx girl and keep your head up- you’re unstoppable!

  25. I kind of feel the same way. I sign up for races and bike events and it never fails–right before I get the flu or a cold and that wipes my energy to zero! Or I get injured right after a race and spend months recovering from it. :(

  26. Shame, what a lot of bad luck. And it is so easy to get caught up in more bad luck when you focus on it…ugh. However, I have found that sometimes “bad luck” is a way of saving ourselves from something. Maybe something worse would have happened if you had participated? All the same, I hope all goes well for the next run :)

  27. Aww! I hope you have a quick recovery! Injuries aren’t fun at all. Best of luck for a full recovery!

  28. Sorry about your injury, hang in there, the next one will go much better!!

  29. So sorry about your foot and the sicknesses. That’s a rough start to the year for you! Hope it heals up qucikly and you are back at it no time. Hang in there.

  30. Ouch!! That is quite a RUN of bad look (sorry for the pun :)). Well it cannot happen for every race, so things can only go up from here.

  31. Don’t worry Tricia the running gods will be with you again.

    Imagine how great it’s going to be once you’ve come out on the other side. Best of luck!

  32. Stay strong Tricia! Thanks for your post! If folks only posted about how great running and training was, we’d never be prepared for the hard and unplanned sprains and pains. Thanks for your transparency!

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