Nuun Hood to Coast 2012 Application

please dont sue me for stealing this pic :)

Don’t forget, your Nuun Hood to Coast 2012 Team Applications have to be turned in by 4/9. Don’t miss out on all the fun, running with Team Nuun last year was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Here’s mine!


I know, you’re jealous of my mad singing skillz. 🙂 I’d love to see YOURS. Share your links!




  2. krissy m. murphy says:

    HAHAHHAHA I love it! So funny 🙂

    Here’s a round up of some I came across and my link’s at the bottom :)D

  3. krissy m. murphy says:

    I was laughing so hard I forgot the link….

  4. I didn’t post mine but oh boy do I hope I make it

    • Since I missed meeting you when living in florida and I somehow missed you when we were a block apart at the Olympic Trials I HOPE we both make it so I can finally meet you!

  5. tricia this is awesome!!! by far the most *creative* video I’ve seen yet! you should post your lyrics!!

  6. I love it, this is super cute. And now I have the song stuck in my head, so thank you for that! Hehe. Hope we both make it in. Would looove to run HTC with Nuun & you 🙂

    Annnnd shameless self plug, since you asked 😉

  7. Awesome! So funny. Gosh, I hope I make it too. I find myself wishing I wouldn’t have been so spontaneous in posting my application so soon but that’s part of who I am…I jump right in and let my heart lead the way. So here’s to hoping. I need to get to your blog more often.

  8. SO CUTE!!!! I am voting for you. 🙂

  9. Anonymous says:

    so cute!

  10. Can I get a What What????

  11. Hahaha! Awesome!

  12. Love it! GOOD LUCK! I applied to, major Leap of Faith, but I’m pursuing a dream 🙂

  13. ashleyanddizzle says:

    OMG. this. is. amaze-balls.

    “I hydrate and I know it”
    I will now sing that. 😉

    would love to run with you at HTC. crossing my fingers we both (and Jess, too) get in.

  14. I am jealous of your singing skillz!! Your nuuns are adorable too!! 🙂 Sparkly skirt…or underwear?? hehe

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  16. So cute!! American Idol next?

  17. too cute! ~ I hydrate and I know it! ~ Look, i’ve got the tune stuck in my head now! 😉

  18. runnerluis says:

    Can I buy that on iTunes yet? I seriously need to run to that 🙂

  19. HAHA, oh my gosh I need to show this to my husband, he sings the original version of this song allll the time. 🙂 You have GOT to get picked! This is super creative and cute! My app is here:

  20. oh my gosh! i love it. seriously my husband and i were cracking up as we watched it – how did you do that!? the hair and the outfits and the song — all hilarious. you are so creative and funny! i hope hope hope we will get to meet at hood to coast! i applied too :o)

  21. O MAN!!!! this is awesome! when i realized that tube o’ nuun was wearing a sparkle skirt i started howling with laughter. HOWLING. I had to pause the video. YAY, TRICIA!!!!!

  22. Awesome! Your skills are FLY!

    Here’s mine:

  23. What a super cute video. Love your creativity! My nuun video is

  24. You are quite the rap sensation! I love it. Good luck!

  25. This is amazing! so creative! I love it.
    this is my submission:

  26. I love it! So creative! Mine is not nearly as fun – but I’ve been busy training for an ironman, I did what I could in the little free time that I’ve got. Fingers crossed that I get picked (and you too!) Here’s mine:

  27. I’m pretty sure this is the best video I’ve ever seen. My kiddos and I totally enjoyed the absolute awesomeness that is Tricia Minnick. Nuun HAS TO HAVE YOU!!! You are exactly what every relay team needs!! Love you!

  28. Tricia this was awesome! I think this is the best video I’ve seen – Nuun has to put you on the team! Good luck!!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Love it! You are so CREATIVE!! 🙂

  30. Incredible!!! Loved the video … thank you for stopping by my blog. I always start by reading the about me page … you have an inspiring story … all my best!!! I actually am going to read more about Nuun … which is your favorite? I am a fan of water and currently drink electrolyte tablets because I do not like overly sweet or caloric drinks … I am thinking I make like the Citrus blend … any thoughts?

    • Hi,thanks for the kind words. I love nuun because it doesn’t have sugar and all the junk normal “sports drinks” have. Before I found nuun I had bad headaches after running, I figured out I needed more electrolytes and now that I diligently train with nuun I no longer get those post-run headaches.

      My top two favorite flavors are fruit punch and grape. 🙂

      They have a store locator on their site(and you can buy online,and you can usually find it at your local running store. If you try it,I’d love to hear what you think!

  31. Oh I just love that video!!!!!!!


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