I quit.

I’ve been avoiding this. I’ve danced around it, posted sporadically, mentally distanced myself from this blog, and done just about everything I could keep from writing this post.

And then today, I realized I was doing myself a disservice by NOT writing it. So here it is:

I started blogging to share my story. So I shared, and I was uplifted each time someone reached out to me, telling me my story offered hope. But as much as I wanted to help others, I also started this blog for me. It kept me motivated and accountable. I was able to reflect on my life through the lense of a written post.

But somewhere along the way I wasn’t blogging for me or for you anymore. I was blogging to BLOG. I had insane page views, companies throwing free gear at me, and people wanting to advertise on my blog. And sure, I enjoy free stuff as much as the next person, but the giveaways and obligations became too frequent and too much.

I wanted to write for ME, not sell products for someone else. While my reviews were always honest, I felt like I was losing integrity. I don’t want to blog for BUSINESS. I don’t want to make money by shoving stuff down your throat. And I don’t want to be obligated to write if I don’t feel like it.

So I stepped away.

This past year was hard on a personal level, and I simply didn’t want to make it harder by playing the blogging game. So I started turning down products, ignored any email requesting ad space, and just generally stepped away from my blog. There has been a trickle of posts coming out, and a few that meant a lot to me, but overall the heart was gone out of this blog. I stopped thinking about writing, and started thinking about deleting this blog all together.

I got caught up in others expectations of how my blog SHOULD grow, and in turn just about killed it.

I am in no way knocking those of you that want to be, or are professional bloggers, its just simply not who I am at this point in my life. Why is it that everyone feels such a rush to turn their blog into more than just a place to write? When did blogging become a competition for popularity and a race to make money?

Honestly, the more I tried to force myself to BE a blogger, the more I became disgusted with blogging as a whole. There are so many things going on out there right now that make me sick, sites dedicated to ripping apart other bloggers, groups pressuring you to join,making you feel like you’re somehow not as good as them because you’re not interested in selling yourself. When did it become ok to look down on someone because they simply want to write and not profit from it?

What’s right for you isn’t right for me, and the opposite is true.

I’ve officially quit the blogging game, and am letting go of any pressure from outside sources, but I will continue to WRITE here. I look forward to being able to write for the sheer joy of writing. To be able to reflect and learn from life’s lessons through the power of the written word. And most of all, I look forward to getting back to being me.

Welcome back Tricia.



  1. Love it. And love you!!! 😉

  2. I've never had insane page views or people tossing products at me, but I can TOTALLY relate and applaud you for making this decision. It's always been my plan to shut my blog down when I meet my goal–it can really take over your life if you let it and it's ridiculous to let it.

    GOOD LUCK, Tricia! Know that you have inspired many.

  3. Looking to reading your posts. Congrats on being true to yourself. Everything else is just plain silly.

  4. Write what you want to,write when you want to. I love to listen when you have something you want to say. No pressure. Life's too short for that. 🙂

  5. Good on ya.

    I write for a living so I always used my blog as a way to share things, vent, track my progress. I like the freedom of just writing to write without having to try and please some editor somewhere. That being said, I know too what it's like trying to please an audience and write posts that may or may not please some random reader. I think my best posts have been the ones where I wrote because I wanted to write and get some thought or bit of info out from my brain through my fingers and onto the Web. And I think that's what I realize about blogging, is that what makes it fun is that people like it when I'm myself.

    And that's what I like most about your blog too. I think we're similar, we have similar stories and we similarly kick a lot of ass. I'm not a fan of advertising and profiting from blogs and things like that in general and that's not to say that I didn't enjoy those posts of yours but I like the “I'm Tricia, here's what I got, like it or not, oh well” posts the best. Because that's you, and that's what's intriguing to me. Glad you came to the conclusion you came to and I hope to see more of those posts 🙂

  6. Hallelujah!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Tricia, You should never feel guilty for doing the right thing for you and your family, Your story is a wonderful inspiration of what anyone given the correct mindset can do. I pray that you continue your journey of health and that God Blesses you and your family

  8. Brilliant.

    There are several blogs that I follow, that have turned into That Blog, and it bums me out – it's not their voice, not the blog that I liked following any longer.

    Good for you 🙂

  9. Good for you, don't let your relaxation become stress.

  10. Writing for YOURSELF is what it's all about. Do it because you love it, becasue it inspires you, because you inspire others… don't do itbecause you feel obligated. It then becomes a job and unenjoyable.

    Cheers. Keep doing your thing.

  11. I completely get it. It becomes a job. Enjoy your time back. Feel free to send any giveaways my way. :).

  12. I get this and am such a strong believer in doing what is in our hearts.
    Im always here for you.


  13. Welcome back – I read to read… and I love it just the way it is. Who needs giveaways and what not… I read because your story inspires me.


  14. I just tweeted the same idea today. What a RELIEF!

  15. I love this. 🙂 I am new to the blogging world (Been here for about 4 months now), but it amazes me the diversity that I find. I don't think I could ever blog for a living, and I do not ever want to feel pressure to blog. But I enjoy posting my stories, leaving my sense of humor out there for others, and connecting with people all over the world. That's why I do it, and I'm hoping that's why I'll always do it.

    I really admire and respect you for this. I hope you'll still write regularly simply because I enjoy your writing. Have a great week. 🙂

  16. Be who you are – life is too short not to be happy, ya know?

  17. Good for you. In the end, this is your journey. I don't have the crazy page views or the pressure to maintain it but can see where it could get out of control and become less about quality and more about putting up a post to get page views. Be true to yourself 🙂

  18. It's easy to start out blogging for one reason and start to get carried away on the 'blog train' when you never wanted to ride it in the first place. Been there (on my other blog too), done that. It's not who I am either. I write as an creative outlet and to reach out to other like minded women. I have at times almost deleted my blogs too and many times tried quitting. I say tried because eventually (even months later), I get that “itch” again and have to express myself. Do it for you and only you and you'll be happy.

  19. love it!

  20. Kudos for putting it all out there. Your true fans are your friends too. 🙂

  21. I hear you! I was just thinking the same thing as I have a couple of product reviews that I agreed to do. I have pretty much decided that I will no longer do them because it takes away from my ultimate goal.

  22. I can't wait to read the “new old you” way of blogging. I hope it feels like a weight lifted off you!

  23. 🙂

  24. Love it!! 🙂

  25. Love this post. The blogs I enjoy are those that are real, not marketing so I'm glad you are back! A little bit thrown in isn't bad but the personal aspect is the good majority!

  26. I'm no great writer, but really only started my blog to share with whoever wanted to read and kinda keep myself accountable! I've got to admit I've followed you for some time and there were days the message was lost in the products being reviewed! I'm so glad you are getting back to the true heart of your blog and I look forward to reading it again!

  27. I was worried you were going to say that you were entirely giving up writing. I'm glad you are getting back to you!!! That's important!!! Now you can share whatever you want, including more of the fun Dash stories!!!

  28. Be true to yourslef. I enjoy reading your posts.

  29. I hear you. I've been turning down requests and gear for a while. My blog is for ME. If others happen to enjoy what I write, then all the better.

  30. Great post! The important part of all of this – is do what makes YOU happy!

    Can't wait to continue to follow your journey through this great thing called LIFE!

  31. Love it. I took a bit of a break this fall (and I have a much smaller blog). It's liberating!

    That said…you inspire a TON of people which is pretty incredible.

  32. Ive always likes your blog, and love that it's not one of those “I blog every 5 minutes about how cool I am, and the very healthy small amount of food I eat blogs”. Funny enough, there was an article on CBC radio yesterday about the whole “mommy blogger business scene”. Not something I AMA fan of, most “mommy blogs” are beyond boring.

  33. True dat, true dat.

  34. Everyone has said everything that I wanted to, welcome back to YOU!!

  35. Everyone has said everything that I wanted to, welcome back to YOU!!

  36. I completely understand (and I'm not even close to being a “big” blog). It is (kind of) funny that it feels like blogging should be a popularity contest. I feel the pressure to get bigger, better, more informative, when really I started blogging so my family would make sure that I wouldn't stop. Time for me to get back to that too…

    So glad to hear that you're not leaving completely!

  37. Let's face it sometimes there is just nothing to say. Why should there be preseure to say nothing?

  38. Love it!!! So happy you are still writing!!!!

  39. That's exactly what my blog is….MY thoughts, MY writing, ALL MINE. And it will always be that way. When I feel the itch to write I have freedom.

    You have a beautiful voice and I'm glad you didn't kill the blog. I look forward to Free Tricia blogging…don't ever give up your voice!!

    Love you

  40. I stepped away and deleted my blog because I got so frustrated with myself…lost the focus and reason. I'm back and writing for me. I'm so glad you are back and will do it for you! Glad you aren't really “quitting” but getting back to your true purpose.

  41. What a beautiful post Tricia. I was afraid while reading that you were going to say that you were quitting your blog altogether. I'd understand if you did, but I'm glad you're not. You are an inspiration to many of us. Don't do it for that either, but if that knowledge helps any, remember it. 🙂

    I definitely think you need to blog for yourself first.

  42. Awesome! Welcome back!

  43. I don't want to repeat everything else….but I absolutely love this post. Good for you!

  44. Hi Tricia. I am Jamoosh. nice to meet YOU!

  45. Welcome back! Great post. I have struggled with the same thing. Not because of the free products, but just the reason for blogging. You start of just wanting to journal and then you are influenced by others blogs and feel the pressure to do the same thing. I have just started blogging again since I have a new goal of Triathlons this summer and am getting excited to journal, not to blog for other people.

    Thanks again for sharing and I am behind you…you are right on. It's not easy to share that stuff and to be real about the focus on your blog. It seems like people are more about the business of blogging then about the blogging.

  46. Good post! I realize that some people likely make some serious money from blogging (and this is totally fine), but in the end simply putting your thoughts on paper is the whole goal of blogging. People can make whatever they want of it. If I felt pressured to post a certain number of posts a week I don't think I could do it. Looking forward to keep reading your stories from here on out!

  47. thats a shame but do what is best for you..good luck in the future!

  48. THIS is why I love to read what you have to say, you are honest and true, please don't change xx

  49. Love this post. I started my blog after I wrote an online article in a online running magazine. I had women, strangers, write to me and tell me how my story really helped them. So I thought I would take some of my daily journalling and turn it into a blog. I am not out there to win a race ever or sell items, although I do envy those who get free stuff sent to them because there are times I would love to try things out. I run because I love it and I run because I utilize it as my way to help raise funds and awareness for pediatric cancer. I love your blog!!! It is very real. You do a great job. Thanks for this post.

  50. You were scarying me for a minute there. Glad to hear you will still be hearing from you, just more of simply you!

    Your blog should be your platform for what ever YOU want. Glad you were gutsy enough to declare it!

  51. Congrats on making such and important decision. I sometimes get nervous when page views go up (haha from 0 to just a few) for this very reason. I don't want to feel pressure to blog or to be smart, witty or informative (because I am not!) just because more people read it. I am afraid of that and glad to hear that someone with such a “big” blog has taken a step back to evaluate what blogging means to you.

  52. it felt so good to read this. i have been feeling the same pressure lately and it became this pressure of “i HAVE to do this to keep blogging” but it has made me hate my blog. thanks for just being you. being honest. and being true to yourself. you are an inspiration to me to do the same…just live MY life and no one else's!

  53. what a great post. welcome back 🙂

  54. I haven't experienced that problem with all four of my blogs. I do love to write and share my thoughts. That's what started my blog in the first place. I will continue to follow you Tricia, and look forward to reading and getting to know the real women who inspired us with your goal and love for running.

  55. Yay! I am happy to be following your journey. I have never been smart or snappy enough to blog for others…just me. Great, real post.

  56. I enjoy your posts! And, while I'd like to win product like the next person, I typically skip over the giveaway posts and have removed other blogs from my reader that were doing giveaway after giveaway after giveaway.

    I'm glad you're still going to write! I am curious how the Girlfriends program is coming along!

    Nicole from South Texas

  57. It seems like a lot of people are feeling the same way. I wish there was a “like” button for this post.
    I haven't blogged since November and I don't know when I will again. But when I do, it will be because I WANT to, not because I feel obligated to.
    Hooray for you!!

  58. I'm another one that was like 'You're throwing in the towel?!!' But, I enjoyed reading your words of wisdom. Congratulations and Good Luck! 🙂

  59. Awesome. Glad you're sticking around. 🙂

  60. ok glad you aren't totally leaving us! I agree that I sat down with david a little while back and said ok I need to decide what this is for me. Blogging is not my job, I don't want it to be my job, but i want it to help me get where I hope to be.

    you've done amazing things here and we like you because you are exactly who you are

  61. The first time I read it I got what you meant. I get it too. It's rare if I post every day and if I'm injured there seems to be no reason for me to post I think. I get it and am glad you are sticking around!

  62. Most of the time I feel I'm writing my blog for me and only me because I don't get any comments at all most days and I used to get upset until I realized that's who it's for anyway. Sure the views and the comments keep me accountable but it's there for me to vent, or brag, or maybe just talk about nothing important. I'm glad you aren't giving into the hype. There's too many who are!

  63. All the right reasons…

    you are just the coolest, most grounded lady around 🙂

  64. Whew! Thought you were leaving us for a second! I totally get it and glad to know your inspiring posts will stay! 🙂

  65. I hear you on this – and I have to say, while it's nice to get some free stuff, being able to write about whatever YOU want, whenever you want, is better. And also? I never understood how bloggers could keep up with blogging, having a blog facebook page, twittering – it seems like everything gets diluted at that point. Glad you are back to being you. 🙂

  66. So happy for you Tricia! Doing things for oneself, just because, is great!

  67. Good for you.

  68. i write for myself and that is it…. nobody else…stay true…and enjoy it…no pressure

  69. Glad you're not leaving — looking forward to reading and getting to know the new “old” you.

  70. That's the REAL reason for blogging..the heart of it all…

    Finding and SHARING a voice!

  71. 🙂 Love your honestly!

  72. agree with most of the others. I love this. So many blogs are becoming just the same old, same old blah. Good for you for not allowing yourself to be sucked in. I like to read your blog because you are real and relatable. Glad you are keeping it that way.

  73. Great post! I must be oblivious to all the other outside influences, because I just blog to blog. And to keep up with like-minded friends and their experiences. I'm glad you're staying true to yourself. Welcome back!

  74. Welcome back! Great post. Looking forward to many good reads.

  75. You are not the first blogger who I've read similar feeling/words from. Kudos to you for doing what works for YOU. My philosophy is we should blog if we get something out of it. But what we get and what we WANT to get is different for each of us. For some, it is numbers and monetary reward and recognition. For others it is the creative outlet. For me, what I most gain is a sense of connection and being part of a community.

  76. This is awesome! I have quit reading the blogs of so many because all they were writing about was “meet my sponsor such and such company”. The ones I do still read that have posts like that: we'll I skip right over those posts without a 2nd glance. Thanks for staying authentic & fun to read!

  77. phew. i thought you were quitting altogether for a moment and i would have missed hearing about your training and progress.

  78. A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

  79. It's like the hokey pokey….blogs are for you, for us. “That's what it's all about”. Glad you didn't get dragged into the muck!

  80. Love this and totally agree. I am so happy you are still going to be posting!

  81. Well said – I for one quickly bore of the blogs that are more about giveaways and advertising than “real” people, well done seeing the difference 🙂

  82. Always follow your heart and do what works for you Tricia – you'll never go wrong 🙂

  83. Glad you'll still be blogging in the way YOU want.

  84. Thank you! Looking forward to reading you again.

  85. Amen!

    I totally agree… so many people have tried to shove the whole “money-making” thing down my throat, but I'm not going.

    I love to write, it's an outlet for me. I never intended to make money from my blog and I probably never will.

    I always remind myself why I blog. Yes, if there is a product offered for me for free that I want to review, I still do it. But I definitely turn down more offers than I accept.

  86. Yay, Tricia! Looking forward to reading more.

  87. Staying true to yourself is the best way to live life!

  88. I love this. These are my thoughts exactly. This makes me way more excited to read your blog.

  89. Running and Writing- two things that should be done for the love and done for you. Good job!!

  90. and started a Nooooooo because while I don't often comment, I do lurk and would miss you.

    so glad you're still going to write, I'll be lurking

  91. Anonymous says:

    I don't have a blog but I read a lot of running ones. Just as an outsider I can see the cliques and pressures. I can't imagine being in that circle. All that HTC epic talk around the blogs made me feel left out and I was never in!! Thank you for setting your own rules and writing from the heart.

  92. I blog for me and me only. If people get something out of it than that's great, but if they don't I'll still write. It gives me perspective. It helps me look at the lighter side of life. It's therapy.

    Write for yourself – you'll enjoy it so much more. Don't feel any obligations – this is just for you.

  93. I always only read your blog to hear what you have to say. I tend to completely ignore product stuff anyway.

    I like your story and what you have to say so ads or giveaways never really grabbed my attention like the thoughts you put on “paper”.

    Glad you reclaimed your blog for you!

  94. Good for you for doing the blog thing for your reasons. I look forward to following along.

  95. Amen. I can totally relate to this and was thinking about this very subject recently.

    I also blog for myself, and if it blesses someone else in the process great. If not, that's okay.

  96. Blogs should be as individual as the people writing them. Trying to write a blog to meet readers expectations is a losing game. I want to read about real people and their various adventures along the way. It takes a pretty special writer to keep me coming back to a blog that has ads and stuff for sale on it.

  97. Well said. That's how I feel too. I see these great blogs, all the giveaways, all the reviews and I starting thinking that's what I wanted, or at least should want. But deep down, I don't. MOstly I want to share my story and uplift others while being uplifted myself. That's all I want from my blog now.

    Do it for you and you along.

  98. Girl I hear ya, I don't have nearly as many readers as you but I totally understand what you are saying, good for you and I am looking forward to reading whatever you feel like writing in 2012. 🙂

  99. I'm just glad you aren't quitting the blog.

    I never thought your blog felt commercial. I don't think you ever lost your authenticity.

  100. You've written everything that I've felt for a long time. I think that's why I've been away from the blogging “game” for a while. I'm glad you're writing to write for you. It'll make you so much happier. 🙂

  101. AWESOME!! =o)

  102. I completely agree! Welcome back!

  103. I stumbled across your blog for the first time today and came across this post — and though we've never crossed paths, I wanted to give a thumbs-up and share a congratulations for listening to that voice inside you and doing the right thing for *you* even if you didn't know what the rest of the world would think.

    I've blogged for… geez, over 10 years now, since my second year of high school. No specific topic; I've written about whatever's caught my interest (and it's interesting to see how that changes over the years, as I transitioned from math to engineering to educational psychology to open source, RSI prevention, and so on).

    The best decision I ever made blogwise was sometime in college, when I decided (for no particular reason) that I blogged for an audience of one: my future self. A while later when I started working (and blogging about that) and advertisers and such started to contact me, I was tempted — starving young student, any extra cash helps! — but remembered my decision and stuck to it, and my writing stayed mine, and my blog has remained a haven for me.

    By the way, I'm fascinated by your story and would love to talk more; I'm a geek girl (engineer and grad student) who's always been a skinny, uncoordinated wimp, spent her life behind a book or a computer, and ended up crippling myself with RSI a year out of college. 3 painful years later, I've mostly recovered from it, and have decided that it will never happen again — so I've been slowly stepping down the path of kinesthetic awareness, movement, and exercise for the first time in my life (and I have no freaking idea what I'm doing). It's not for weight loss — I've always been skinny — but it's… because I want to understand and be able to use my body functionally, instead of seeing it as a semi-inconvenient ambulatory device that gets my brain from one keyboard to another. It's tough to go it alone, though. How did you find support and people to walk with you along the way?

  104. I am so glad that YOU are staying.

    Congrats on being true to you.

  105. I am SO SO happy that you will continue to blog. I really love reading it and it is so inspirational to me. Thank you for staying here with us!!!

  106. Word.

  107. You GO Girl!! Do what you need to do for YOU and no one else!!

  108. Love it! I'm a newish reader of yours and am really, really happy to read this. It's so obvious when bloggers get too commercial and while I love the freebies, those aren't always my favorite blogs. Congratulations on your decision!!!

  109. Congratulations, and welcome back. 🙂 I will just tell you that you are one of the VERY FEW big blogs that I even follow anymore. It seems that once a blog gets a decent following it almost without fail goes to crap. When I feel like I'm reading a commercial, I'm done with that blog. There have been several very popular, very well-known running blogs that I've unfollowed recently for that very reason.

  110. LOVE THIS 🙂

    You be true to yourself and look forward to reading what you write, from the heart!

    I have always and will always love reading your inspirational journey!

  111. Good for you. I think it is really hard to come to those decisions as a woman and as a mom. We always want to please others while not pleasing ourselves primarily. You took control. You own it. You will be better for it. Congrats!

  112. I think this loooong list of supportive response posts is enough said.

    Write for you girl. You can see the mass of support.

    There is just as big of a world and public that reads just to read and be encouraged as the other that had brought you to this post.


  113. fabulous! I myself have limited my blogging to only when I feel like it. Sometimes it might be several times a week, or 2 weeks might go by between posts. It should be FUN. Good for you for being true to yourself..and I will see you on Twitter, my inspiring friend!

  114. In the end, we can only be true to ourselves. Good for you! Welcome back and best wishes on the new approach…the real one and the right one for you!


  115. Tricia- OHHHHHHHHHHHH yes! This makes sense to me.
    You inspire me- I do not care about the products- the giveaways – any of that. I read your blog because I need motivation to get this weight off. I have gone way back over the 200 mark again. I am struggling. I love your words. YOUR words- what YOU have to say….

  116. I don't think you quit. I think you returned to your roots.

    Well done.

  117. I blog for me…I always will. Way to find your way back to what you want.

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  120. I blog for about a year and a half and didn't even know that there is something like a blogging game. I started to write down my journey of my 1st marathon and made friends during this process so I kept writing. I'm sorry you felt this pressure but I'm glad you had the courage to stop and be Tricia again 🙂

  121. Looking forward to having you back! I've missed you. You're one of my faves to read.

  122. I know what you mean. I still sometimes struggle with “where do I want this to go” and always end up realizing its “just” a blog – chill out. I don't think I could ever blog for a living. Sure it sounds kind of glamorous – wear pj's and get “paid” to “talk about running”, but I can't deal with that stress/pressure. I like posting when I want to post and I don't like being forced to talk about something I'm not in the mood to talk about. Anywho, I'm just glad you're not quitting the blog altogether!! We can avoid all the blog-cliques together 🙂

  123. Fantastic and welcome back! I enjoy blogging because I enjoy talking to people. But I don't advertise products or anything like that. I am thankful for the few folks that follow me because they get exposed to so many sides of me, just as I do on their blogs.

    Stay true!

  124. I really like and appreciate this post.

    I have been reading your blog for awhile (it was one of the first ones I started following) and I like you for your writing and insights.

    Keep writing for YOU! YOU are great at it!!

  125. Congrats – that's why I blog too. It's a place to share about me and what I'm thinking feeling and I like that aspect of blogging. Glad to hear you're going back to what makes you happy as a blogger!

  126. thank you for this post! i'm a relatively new blogger and always felt the pressure to be better/bigger, get more views, monetize. but really, i blog because i like to write and i lke the blogging community. thanks for taking the pressure off!

  127. You go girl! Got my vote! Sometimes you have to take some time to yourself. I finished my marathon and basically said “Pttsszz!” on it all. I'm just now starting back because I need some motivation (again). Bloggers are good at that! So hats off to you. Hugs!

  128. I'm so happy you are still going to write for you. That's really what it's all about, right? Rock on!

  129. I think that's wonderful! Paid blogging does begin to kill a blog after awhile. Because you end up losing focus of what your blog was supposed to be about in the first place.

    Love the new design by the way!


  130. I'm glad to hear you're returning to your roots. I stopped following a while back because your blog seemed like one big advertisement. You're a great writer, so I'm looking forward to reading more from you again. Back when you first started blogging, didn't you mention getting a mommy makeover? I've always wondered if you got the mommy makeover while you were injured or if you decided you didn't need it.

  131. Couldn't have said it better myself….. =)
    Look forward to reading about you and your writing!

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