Ahhh the runner (welcome to race week)

Ahhhh the runner. Alone on the road. They set out, on their own, to be one with the road. No music,no talking, just the sound of their footfalls. They use this time as self therapy. They work out all their worries in their head. Or maybe they zone out completely and it’s a time when their mind can take a break. Nothing to distract them, just miles ahead of them.

Ah the runner. Alone on the road. Some of you probably identify with that. You ARE a lone wolf runner, you THRIVE on that as your “me” time. Running alone is a zen experience for you. It sounds lovely,and I’m happy for you.

But right now, that type of runner is as far away for me as the idea of ever BQing. It’s just not who I am at the moment.

When I think of running I think of this: and this: I think of friendships forged over humid 10 milers. I think of hopes and dreams discussed out on the trail. I think of the shared excitement over reaching and exceeding goals. I think of the contentment found in supporting others.

At this point in my life I’m proud to call myself a social runner. MOST of my miles are ran with someone by my side. And ALL of those runs have ended with a smile.

Ah the runner, surrounded by friends.

Alone or together,there is beauty and peace in running.

Ah the runner.

Welcome to race week. 4 days until ZOOMA.



  1. It seems you mostly post late at night!What a great post… I love how you always smile and focus on the positives! Stay smiling this week! 😀

  2. Such a nice post… thanks for reminding me what running is about… esp on those times I forget what running really is!

  3. The joy of running. One day with yourself; the next with friends. Either way it's a positive feeling.

  4. Basically all my running when I started was alone, but I've definitely gotten spoiled lately with company. And I love the running friends I've made!

  5. im so glad that i am now a social runner (and cyclist and swimmer too!) i used to be a loner, but running with friends is so much more rewarding!

  6. I LOVE running with buddies but right now I haven't found any yet here. That is my goal this year is to find a group to run with. Occasionally my running buddy comes to visit but mostly my reality is the lone wolf.

  7. I've never run with anyone. I still haven't decided if I'd like it or not. I know I'd love the accountability but would I love to have to keep up or slow down with someone else's pace?

  8. Either one works fine with me as long as I get to run :)

  9. Good luck! I am a Zooma Annapolis Ambassador and I have loved all of our runs so far together! It is teh first time I have run with others and I have come to really like it!

  10. I am a total social runner! And I love it!

  11. It's an amazing gift to have friends to run with, but also to be at peace and enjoy running on our own. A balance, have a good week!

  12. LOVE it! When I first started running it was all about getting better, by myself… now I've noticed that I am kind of unmotivated and wishing I had friends to run with…

  13. I love to be the "ahhhh runner, alone on the road" AND the social, chatty, giggling runner as part of a group… the beauty of it is that I get to do BOTH!

  14. Great post! I am the same as you. Love the social aspect of running. It makes it so much easier to know I have people to suffer with. haha

  15. I hate RUNNING alone! I love out in the middle of nowhere, too far from anyone.

  16. Great post – I'm a social runner. It makes me nauseous to have to run alone!!!

  17. Social running is awesome. And so is the lone wolf route. Time and place for everything I guess!

  18. Great post.When I started running, it was totally alone. I still enjoy it, but I will never forget the first day a friend suggested going together.I thrive on my runs with friends now.

  19. I like both, for different reasons. But tend to lean on the alone in my world type running.

  20. this so makes me want to find a running group!

  21. agreed!! I'm happy that I have friends who share my passion of running. We arent all the same pace but we are there for each other, before, during and after races and training sessions. We help to make each other better and forget the pain that is sometimes associated!!! Rock out at Zooma!

  22. I like a little of both! Sometimes it's the only moment in the day I get to be alone!

  23. Wonderful post! I used to HATE running alone. Now it is all I can do… so I'd better like it 😉

  24. I love it! I'm in race mode right now too. I'm doing the Salt Lake City Half Marathon in four days. Good luck on yours!

  25. Love it! Even though I'm obviously not running right this moment, your post gave me the same sense of peace a great run gives… whether alone or with friends!

  26. Amen!And as my friends say… even if I do run alone, I tend to pick up "strays" as they call them. I rarely finish alone!

  27. No doubt about it…this is me.:)

  28. I agree with you! Love this post! I have become more of a social runner myself and am really enjoying it too. :)

  29. I'm a solo runner, not by choice though. I cherish my runs with friends. The funny stories shared, the support given, and just having someone by your side. However, my solo runs have built an inner character in me and a connection with God I would never give up.

  30. Awesome post! I haven't gotten the 'friend' part of running – haven't done races but love the idea of one day being an outdoor runner and running with friends.

  31. I've always run alone because my running friends run faster or slower or live in different parts of the country. I do sign up for races with friends and do the before and after stuff together.

  32. Ah, we've talked about this on Twitter! Sometimes I wish my hubby ran so I'd have a partner but I truly do cherish my runs with myself. But, I WILL join a running group and I WILL start to run w/ others at least once a week. Why not, right?!hmdavis_

  33. That's awesome that you found a love for social running. I find it difficult to find people at my pace and I do use the time for reflection, or reading on the treadmill :)!

  34. SO EXCITED for you and eager for your love of the run to ruuub off on me.

  35. Great post and good luck this weekend! Woot!!I think sometimes too many get caught up in the competition and forget just how fun running is! :)

  36. I do love the feeling of being "one with myself" on my solo runs, but the friendships built on long runs together are just so awesome. I can't wait for my marathon training to start again with my group in August…I can run with the others or branch off by myself if I'm inclined…I love the options.That being said, can't wait to get in a few runs with you this summer :)

  37. I'm a lone wolf a lot but I do enjoy the group runs, or at least a run with a friend now and then!

  38. For the past five years I have run alone. Always. Lately, I have been running trails with a new running friend (hubby of a Blogger) and really enjoy it. Running with friends is awesome. I bet you would be a good running friend. Plz move to San Diego. Thank you.

  39. Great post! I love it!!

  40. I like to run with friends too! its nice to have the company and the motivation :) I try to run with my hubby, but can't keep up just yet…he's FAST!

  41. What a great post. I think I'm exactly where you are with this running thing. I thoroughly enjoy the company of my best running buddy! Makes the miles go by fast and takes the pressure I put on myself away. :)

  42. It would be so nice to have other locals to run with but usually my goals, my schedule, my crazy life doesn't allow for it much. Its a bummer at times but I always enjoy spending time with my fellow ultra runners after events. It's like a family cookout! Even though I don't see them much it's like we are just picking up a conversation from where we left off.

  43. Nice! I'm glad that you have been having a good time w/ runner friends.I'm totally the lone wolf right now. In fact, i let my run club membership expire even though it was only 15/year to belong. I figured I hadn't ran with them in over a year, so it was 15 waisted.

  44. Hi, just thought I'd come back and leave another comment. You know, Blogging friends leave comments on their friend's Blogs. That's kinda how it works. For most.

  45. I'm most definitely a Lone runner. I zen out and use that as my "me" time. Glad that you enjoy running too and it does not matter if you are more of a group runner, as long as you enjoy it, then there's nothing wrong with it :)

  46. I run alone. It's easier on my schedule and I don't like to worry about someone else's pace. But I love to run races and that's where I feel part of the running community. It's social part of my running.

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